[PX] RSI Barcolor

This script simply colors the candles based on the defined "overbought" and "oversold" RSI-levels set in the input section of the indicator.

If the price is below the oversold level, the candle is colored in yellow.
If the price is above the overbought level, the candle is colored in aqua.
If the price moves back between both levels, no color will be applied.

Might be useful for some of you ;)

本着真正的TradingView精神,该脚本的作者将其开源发布,因此交易者可以理解和验证它。为作者加油! 您可以免费使用它,但是在发布中重复使用此代码受网站规则的约束。您可以收藏它以在图表上使用。

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Very cooool!
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How to pinescript for particular cross over candle of rsi value ,I mean if rsi is 60 ,the candle close above 60 the particular candle only to show change of colour instead of series of colour and with label buy ,similarly for sell label candle colour change with closing bolow rsi 40 level on 14 rsi .please help to create one more tool for helping ,thx for such a amazing tool.i like and love it.
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