Hi guys,

this is my new super easy strategy, on GBPUSD 1 hour chart it gives its best.

12-16utc means: at 12 utc watch the chart to see if to open a position (long or short). If a position has been opened close at 16utc.

So basically you have only to rememeber to check the chart at 12 utc . You can set a SL @50pips, and a TP @100pips, but the strategy runs without them, so feel free to use them or not.

This strategy has an "easy view mode": you can choose wether use it on mobile chart to have a better view. Using "easy view" you will see only the bars in trading session from 12 to 16 utc . Otherwise you can have the reguar chart.

Subscribe for only 20€/month and

Enjoy your Wallet!

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