Advancing Declining Oscillator

Yet another Array indicator, simple, but efficient which i call ADO. The indicator acts as a COUNTER of when CLOSE closes above OPEN and vice versa based on specified look back period in settings.
If we have more Closes above Opens, obviously the indicator will be above ZERO and GREEN, otherwise RED.
Optional to smooth it by EMA (true by default).

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版本注释: Minor update at conditions.
版本注释: Minor update.
从常用脚本中删除 添加到指标收藏
Appreciation of my work:


Wow i'm just now going through all your indicators. I really love your use of the new pine features dynamic variables and arrays. I'm always a big fan of innovative indicator creators.
dman103 stevenwalter0
@stevenwalter0, I appreciate your words, I endeavor to think out of the box.
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