MA&EMA - Libertus - Binance setup

Hello all,

This will help you with your Binance altcoin trading. It mimics default MA's and EMA from Binance mobile app and desktop app.
Lots of coins listed there have strange relationship with those lines and this can help you trade easier.

Good luck.

MA: 7, 25, 99 (best used on 1H time frame)
EMA: 20 (also middle line for B. bands on Binance)
版本注释: Update: Added Bollinger bands. Since Binance can't make up their mind and use length 20 on mobile device while using length 21 on website, I used 20, but you can change it.
版本注释: - changed MA code into function
- added ability to change every MA between SMA and EMA
- added crossover mark


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