MF Time Travel (Delay or Forward Charts) by MigueFinance

This indicator allows you to "Time Travel" aka. delay or advance (or forward) the on-screen chart/indicator as well as well as to do the same with other additional charts that can be configured in the settings.

This might be very useful when comparing with other (or the same) indicator in time, if you consider probably an incoming move based on another time performance.

About the Settings:

The moved in time charts can also be expanded or contracted, as well as they can be moved vertically (offset).

To Delay put positive values on the weeks settings, to Advance put Negative values on the same.

The Expansion or Contraction Factor is simply a multiplier of amplitude so you can multiply by number like 0.5, 2, etc

The Vertical Offset simply moves up and down the indicator.

The Labels will also tell you the number of weeks and years that were changed so as to have a reference, as well as the indicator being used.


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