Overnight Bollinger Band Extremes

This script is a combination of my overnight fakeout script and bollinger band color bars. It's designed to be used on CME /CBOT Equity Indexes during their GLOBEX session. It uses the built in Bollinger Band script and highlights bars that exceed the upper/lower bands during the overnight session.

本着真正的TradingView精神,该脚本的作者将其开源发布,因此交易者可以理解和验证它。为作者加油! 您可以免费使用它,但是在发布中重复使用此代码受网站规则的约束。您可以收藏它以在图表上使用。



hello csc. i find this very interesting. may i know the indepth application?
CSC1 Maexis
@Maexis, The script was designed to be used as a decision support tool, the user takes a signal and then applies their own execution and risk management to it. The idea of the script is that overnight moves (outside of black swan events) tend to mean revert as the underlying market is open during the US daytime, and large moves that occur overnight are a product of arbitrage against foreign equity index futures, as well as liquidity driven price moves.
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