[VIP] Composite BTC Funding Rate APR

  • Calculates and displays a BTC funding rate (positive or negative) in terms of APR . Positive APR = Positive funding. Negative APR = Negative funding
  • This calculation is sourced from a variety of spot and perpetual markets on a couple of top-volume exchanges, Binance, FTX, etc.
  • This logic is utilized in Dip Hunter and Take Profit Hunter
  • Code is open source! All feedback and improvements encouraged
  • v2.0.0
  • Correct the approach of the funding calculation to present the funding value of the previous bar. Previously we would calculate a funding value when the bar closes out. We are essentially still calculating funding at the same moment, but this approach is more correct
  • Note that because exchanges can update the closing values of a bar after other exchanges have fully confirmed the bar, values such as the spot BTC price and funding calculation can take a couple of seconds to settle. This can pose problems with automatic alerting
  • Aside from the initial settling, the funding calculation will be perfectly fixed. This fixes a bug where previously a refresh was necessary to update the funding value to its final, settled value
  • We suggest that everyone update to using v2.0.0 to ensure best experience. Simply remove and re-add the funding indicator to your charts.


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