(JS) Interchanging ATR & VWAP Bands

Okay so this is pretty simple, but I think it's a great tool for day trading especially. I just took the default VWAP and Keltner channel scripts and combined them together.

The top option allows you to choose which one you'd prefer to use, "Use ATR instead of VWAP".

The next options, "ATR Source", "KC Length", and "ATR Length" are the parameters for the ATR Bands.

"Number of Bands" allows you to choose how many bands you'd like to be on display (you can choose 1-8).

"Use Expoential MA" and "Band Style" are more default parameters from Keltner Channels used to set up the ATR Bands.

The "ATR Bands" are just stacked Keltner Channels separated by 1 ATR each, whereas the "VWAP Bands" are separated by standard deviation just like the default script from Trading View.

In these example chart, you can see the weekly VWAP with 8 deviation bands and 5 ATR bands with Keltner Channels.

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