ADX strategy (considering ADX and +DI only )

I have been checking the strategies on ADX indicator.

I have found that +DI crossing above ADX line under threshold 30 and exit on crossdown when ADX above 30 has better results than just following crossovers of +DI and -DI , ADX crossing above 30 .

BUY Rule
fast ema is above slow ema (default 13 and 55 , you can change these values in settings)
+DI cross above ADX well beloe threshold level (default 30)

Exit reule
when +DI cross down ADX , well above on threshold level

Stop Loss
Default is set to 8%

Take a look and let me know how your symbol works with this strategy

Note : Bar color changes to yellow when the BUY condition is met.
Bar color and Background color shows to blue --- if Long position is active
fast ema and long ema doesnt print on the chart -- please add manually to the chart

Warning : for the use of educational purposes only

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