Open Interest Suite [Aggregated] - By Leviathan

This script is an all-in-one indicator that uses aggregated Open Interest data to plot OI candles, Open Interest Delta, OI x rVOL, and OI RSI. It also includes tools such as an OI Distribution profile, large OI increase/decrease coloring, a Stats Screener, and much more.

You can select and have the script plot the following:
- Open Interest in the form of OHLC candles
- Open Interest Delta in the form of a histogram
- Open Interest x Relative Volume in the form of a histogram
- Open Interest RSI in the form of a line

Additional features include:
- OI Distribution Profile (It shows the distribution of open interest in the visible range on y axis. This makes it easier to identify when Open Interest is relatively high or low and at which values most of the action took place)
- Stats screener (The screener includes the real-time net Open Interest value, Rekt Longs/Rekt Shorts based on large OI decreases and Aggressive Longs/Shorts based on large OI increases)
- Coloring (You can color OI Delta nodes, background and chart candles based on large OI increases/decreases)
- more

Instructions for the settings will be provided in the tooltips shortly.

Full credit goes to @KioseffTrading for the profile generation code.

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