Extended Ichimoku by Grzechu789

This script extends capabilities of Ichimoku Indicator adding nondisplaced SSB line (serves as Kijun Sen line) and ability to see Kijun Sen line from higher (or lower) timeframes.
Other than that it's same as original Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator. Enjoy!
版本注释: Added mtf SSA and SSB lines. Sadly can't make them fill with color to create a cloud. Enjoy.
版本注释: Addded nondisplaced SSB line from other timeframes.
从收藏脚本中删除 添加到收藏脚本


Can you make clouds of other time frame appear??.. that wil give full view of ichimoku in all timeframe now only current TF cloud appearing
@sam_m400, I will add additional SSA and SSB lines from other timeframes, but can't make them fill with color, like the regular cloud. Dunno why, code is ok, but the mtf cloud won't fill :(
sam_m400 Grzechu789
@Grzechu789, that will be OK.. no need to fill with color but color would definitely a great advantage... But KUMO cloud of the TF selected to appear would definitely a winner indicator...
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