MA 12, MA 24, RSI OB-OS, CCI by WP@SITech

Developed by Worachart Pirunruk, MD - Siam Intelligence Technology

This is the signal that generates based on 4 Technical Analysis Tools:

1. SMA 12,
2. SMA 26,
3. RSI 14,3,3
4. CCI

Signal to Buy/Long when the RSI below Dynamic oversold line based on close price back 60 bars.

Parameter. This signal doesn't have to best TP point, I'm working on improvement, now. Btw, don't forget to calculate you Margin Level. I'll teach you guys later of how to calculate.

Have fun Trading guys, and don't forget to give back to others. Because, Giving is Receiving."

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Please tell me how I can change the color of the indicator arrow?
@ilyarublev, Just double click at the label, I guess.
can you help me to try this ?. while I tried
, I am getting an error " quanity for entry or order must be a positive number less or equal to 10000000000.000000, passed value is 0.000000."
MontaroNitaru arunagirish03
@arunagirish03, Oh!!1 I forgot to mentioned. This script, start with 200 USD for initial capital, and it uses ML% just 1% of capital for lot size. Therefore, you can only use the script with USD pair. I might publish another script with BTC pairing.
MontaroNitaru MontaroNitaru
Btw, it's only work with short time frame since the TA is very sensitive. Therefore, it may or may not work with big TF.
arunagirish03 MontaroNitaru
@MontaroNitaru, nice work and good analysis.
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