New Alerts Allow for Dynamic Messages

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Following the last example from the link above, I added a function return to plot the calculated RSI value for each ticker.

For this, I added the expression of the rsi bult-in function in the security call, to send as a return to the plot function.

Ps. I purposely inverted the crossunder/crossover calls for testing here.
As I commented in line 6, 66, 68, 74 ad 92

If we could call security using series, we could set a string array with the choosed symbols as the line belows..

Then we could make a loop using a for procedure to set some other arrays, as the e.g. below
I tried to convert tostring the ticker array, before calling the function securitybut it was not possible too

It would save a lot of code lines

It would sabe 15 lines in this example code
I've noticed that the sma croosunder/over was getting the wrong data.

I've just corrected it and did some updates, described below:

Inserted the inputs to allow the user choose the source and the length of each indicator.
Checkbox to activate or deactivate the indicator allert.
Added the variable to get the price source from mom securtiy function to plot the value in the allert correctly.

The comments about the seies in security is just to show how would let easier to code if it was possible to use.

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