Awesome Moving Averages

This script allows you to add up to four simple and exponential moving averages the the chart instead of adding 4 simple moving averages and 4 exponential moving averages individually.

The stronger lines are SMA's and the thinner lines are EMA's.
White - "1st SMA" and "1st EMA"
Green - "2nd SMA" and "2nd EMA"
Blue - "3rd SMA" and "3rd EMA"
Red - "4th SMA" and "4th EMA"

You can modify which moving averages are visible on the chart and also modify the period of the moving averages.
There are four periods which you can edit - each period applies to a pair of moving averages (a pair of SMA and EMA ). For example: "1st MA Length" option applies to "1st SMA" and "1st EMA" etc.
In addition to that Awesome Moving Averages script allows you to keep the daily moving averages resolution on intraday charts.
For example - here we have only "1st SMA" and "1st EMA" enabled and we are viewing a daily chart:

Now if we have "Keep Daily MA Resolution On Intraday Periods" option enabled we would see the daily moving averages ( SMA and EMA ) on intraday periods. Here we are viewing a 4h chart:

If you disable this option you would see the moving averages on intraday charts with the intraday MA lengths as you expect:

"Visible MA's On Intraday Periods" option allows you to choose which MA's you would like to be visible on intraday charts if the "Keep Daily MA Resolution On Intraday Periods" option is enabled.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to improve the "Awesome Moving Averages" script then let me know!
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