XABCD Scanner

XABCD Scanner for TradingView

These bullish and bearish 5-point patterns are based on various Fibonacci retracement levels and signify potential reversal zones (PRZ).
As they become 80% complete, the dashed-line pattern will appear, displaying the PRZ and giving you time to prepare for a reversal.

Different combinations of specific fib retracements and extensions result in different patterns, and each is named for identification.
  • Bullish patterns signify a potential turn to the upside are colored green.
  • Bearish patterns signify a potential turn to the downside are colored red.

9 popular patterns are currently recognized.
XABCDs can be applied to all markets: crypto, forex, commodities , indices, etc.

For access, please visit the link in our Signature below, or shoot us a PM.
Jan 10
版本注释: Updated to give a clearer signal of where the pattern completes.
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
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hi would it be possible to unlock this strategy? thanks a lot
Hi @lowbat

We've enabled you a 3 day trial.
i would like to gain access to this strategy
coinobsalgos parampalsingh90
hi @parampalsingh90, we'll DM you
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