Correlation MATRIX (Flexible version)

Hey folks

A quick unrelated but interesting foreword

Hope you're all good and well and tanned
Me? I'm preparing the opening of my website where we're going to offer the Algorithm Builder Single Trend, Multiple Trends, Multi-Timeframe and plenty of others across many platforms (TradingView, FXCM, MT4, PRT ). While others are at the beach and tanning (Yes I'm jealous, so what !?!), we're working our a** off to deliver an amazing looking website and great indicators and strategies for you guys.
Today I worked in including the Trade Manager Pro version and the Risk/Reward Pro version into all our Algorithm Builders. Here's a teaser
We're going to have a few indicators/strategies packages and subscriptions will open very soon.
The website should open in a few weeks and we still have loads to do ... (#no #summer #holidays #for #dave)

I see every message asking me to allow access to my Algorithm Builders but with the website opening shortly, it will be better for me to manage the trials from there - otherwise, it's duplicated and I can't follow all those requests

As you can probably all understand, it becomes very challenging to publish once a day with all that workload so I'll probably slow down (just a bit) and maybe posting once every 2/3 days until the website will be over (please forgive me for failing you). But once it will open, the daily publishing will resume again :) (here's when you're supposed to be clapping guys....)
While I'm so honored by all the likes, private messages and comments encouraging me, you have to realize that a script always takes me about 2/3 hours of work (with research, coding, debugging) but I'm doing it because I like it. Only pushing the brake a bit because of other constraints


I made a more flexible version of my Correlation Matrix.
You can now select the symbols you want and the matrix will update automatically !!! Let me repeat it once more because this is very cool... You can now select the symbols you want and the matrix will update automatically :)
Actually, I have nothing more to say about it... that's all :) Ah yes, I added a condition to detect negative correlation and they're being flagged with a black dot

Definition: Negative correlation or inverse correlation is a relationship between two variables whereby they move in opposite directions.
A negative correlation is a key concept in portfolio construction, as it enables the creation of diversified portfolios that can better withstand portfolio volatility and smooth out returns.
Correlation between two variables can vary widely over time. Stocks and bonds generally have a negative correlation, but in the decade to 2018, their correlation has ranged from -0.8 to 0.2. (Source : https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/neg...

See you maybe tomorrow or in a few days for another script/idea.

Be sure to hit the thumbs up to cheer me up as your likes will be the only sunlight I'll get for the next weeks.... because working on building a great offer for you guys.



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You are a inspiration to us all!
Daveatt Ace567890
@Ace567890, and your comments are like rays of sunshine to me :)
In the screenshot, I study the correlation over the last 10 days between BITCOIN/BITCOIN DOMINANCE/TETHER MARKETCAP
@Daveatt, anything intresting?:)
Daveatt RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, Not sure what you mean here
@Daveatt, can we do correlation of thether and btc to see if it related to sharks moves?
Daveatt RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, You just gave me my next publication idea :) We don't see that on my screenshot, but it's totally made to analyze correlations between the same periods.
However, where it will get very interesting, there is a known delayed correlation between tether moves and btc moves
Increase in BTC supply often (but not always) translates into a btc upwards move 3/5 weeks later. Not an exact science but it repeated itself enough time to become an indicator in my opinion
@Daveatt, yep it sound very intresting if you able to do it:), it would be great to detect the sharks and their manipulation of BTC...great
Daveatt RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, we don't have the TETHER SUPPLY in TV, unfortunately... only the TETHER dominance so I'll try to figure something out from that
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