3-Bar-Reversal-Pattern Strategy Backtest

This startegy based on 3-day pattern reversal described in "Are Three-Bar
Patterns Reliable For Stocks" article by Thomas Bulkowski, presented in
January, 2000 issue of Stocks&Commodities magazine.
That pattern conforms to the following rules:
- It uses daily prices, not intraday or weekly prices;
- The middle day of the three-day pattern has the lowest low of the three days, with no ties allowed;
- The last day must have a close above the prior day's high, with no ties allowed;
- Each day must have a nonzero trading range.

Please, use it only for learning or paper trading. Do not for real trading.
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Why do you suggest not using it for real trading, please? It looks really good. Plus that is making think twice about the strategy I am making myself already.
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HPotter codenameCookie
@codenameCookie, You should test it in realtime and watch how it is works. If all will be fine, you can to try use it in the real. But it your risk opinion.
Try Smoothing out your bars with Heikin Ashi.
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why you said do not use in real trading? and then how would you earn a money in paper trading and if you don't this, in real. what's the purpose of all about? better not to post, it's useless.
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