TheRenkoTrader Version 1.0 BTC/USD BITFINEX (STRATEGY)

Bitcoin Trading Script For Automated Trading on BITFINEX

Welcome to my newest Bitcoin Trading Script

Let me Introduce you to the Bitcoin Trading script for automated trading on Bitfinex.
The Script is made for short term trading. It provides around two to four entry and exit signals per week.

About the Script

The script has to run on a Renko chart, otherwise, it won`t work. So before you want to buy an Invite for 6months make sure you have at least a Tradingview Pro+ Subscription to be able to use the script how it supposed to be used.

The Signals are provided after three different Conditions are met. Please note the Signal is given after the conditions are meet and a Renko box has closed. Which means the Script does NOT have any rePaint at all.

Why is this important?

If the Signal would be given on an open instead of a close, the Signal can be rePainted because the condition is not closed and still open. So for Example all three Conditions has met on an open and it would give directly a signal on an open Renko, the signal can disappear if the Renko goes in the opposite way and is not closed.

That's why I all my scripts are coded on a close to make sure there are no Fake Backtesting and rePaints.

Backtesting Data

The Backtesting you can see on the script is made from 01.01.2019 to 25.04.219

Here is the Data overview on the Backtesting

Initial Capital : $ 10`000
Equity on Trade : 30% Capital
Commision on Trades : 0.3% (BITFINEX Commision)
Total Trades : 37
Net Profit in % : 48.45%
Net Profit in USD : $4`844.60
Profitable Trades in % : 54.05%
Profit Factor : 5.272
Max Drawdown in %: 3.51%
Max Drawdown in USD : $350.74
Avg Trade in % : 1.31%
Avg Trade in USD : $130.94

How to run the script automated with Autoview ?

Once you have connected your exchange API to autoview open your chart and the indicator (study) and create a new Alert.
Choose the Indicator as Condition and Plot a Buy or Sell
Make sure to use Once Per Bar options to restart the Alert automatically once a signal was provided.
Choose Show Popup and Play Sound as Alert Actions !

Now enter the following code in the Message Box

For a Buy alert

e=poloniex a=* c=position t=market


e=poloniex a=* s=(YOUR SYMBOL) b=long q=30% t=market

For a Sell alert

e=poloniex a=* c=position t=market


e=poloniex a=* s=(YOUR SYMBOL) b=short q=30% t=market

The Script is an Invite Only. There are subscriptions available for 6months or 12months. Once you have bought a Subscription I will also provide you with support on how to connect autoview to it and how you can run it automated.
Please note I do not have any Resellers or Partners ! I am the only person who is able to grant you access to the script! So do not buy from anyone else!

Kind Regards

Daniel "TheRenkoTrader" Fankhauser
版本注释: Fixed an Error
版本注释: .-
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
your script repaints
@ROBINHOODLAB, XD wtf is wrong with you commenting on all my scripts they rePaint ? you know they are not possible to rePaint ? XD funny guy
Please Note there is a little miss typing on the autoview instruction it should be Bitfinex not poloniex
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