Poor man's volume profile

This is an attempt to get something more or less similar to the volume profile for free.

The code is generated using a template. To change the settings, you may need to regenerate the code. The code has a link to the repository with the template.
  • Decouple width of history and recent profiles
  • Make profile value independent from profile height
版本注释: More precise profile value calculation
版本注释: Fix width with disabled history/last profiles
  • Fix width with disabled history/last profiles
  • Do not clip recent profile
  • Fix server study error by adding max_bars_back.
  • Rewrite code to make it simpler but slower.
  • Add option to use custom ticker as volume source.
版本注释: Fix "screenshot"
版本注释: Replace green color by teal
版本注释: Add volume point of control (VPoC) as a line
  • Use nz() instead of own nan_to_float()
  • Fix history block offset
版本注释: Volume clusters (those called historical blocks) have been moved to a separate study, see "Poor man's volume clusters".

Study has been significantly optimized. Now you can set the profile size up to 500 bars (limit can be lifted if you change max_bars_back in the source code).
版本注释: Correct way (I'm sure of it) to calculate row value. It could be wrong.
版本注释: Fix preview chart
版本注释: Fix the calculation of the first bar.
版本注释: Highlight peak volume in a profile
版本注释: Maybe fix for profile disappearing
版本注释: Draw a profile using labels
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Thanks...I am getting derived volume as exchange doesn't provide for some index. In this case why the recent levels doesn't work ? History levels are working fine. Please help..
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@shailja2428, recent historical (coloured) levels doesn't work because a way how levels is drawn and not very rich trading view API. If the grey reversed levels doesn't work please share a screenshot.
Somehow I like this better than the paid version. Thank you
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nice one :)
+1 回复
The combination of two horizontal volume indicators is amazing. Thank you for this wonderful work!
Eternally grateful, now to rehearse like crazy my new trading system. This is a masterpiece of art.
@PineCoders !!!!!
A new version is coming. It is much faster and can show blocks up to hundreds of bars.
sportflow365 IldarAkhmetgaleev
@IldarAkhmetgaleev, I look forward to ;)
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