Price Change History

Display a histogram of price changes over a given interval. Show change as a percentage or in dollar amount. Highlight changes that exceed a particular value.
版本注释: By default, the histogram shows price change since the previous bar. This update allows you to display price change since any number of bars ago.
版本注释: Separate high and low highlighting.
版本注释: Update study shorttitle.
版本注释: The ratio of highlighted to unhighlighted bars is now shown as the orange number ranging from 0 to 1.
It takes into consideration the previous 50 bars by default, but can be changed by the user under settings.
版本注释: - Updated the names of a few settings to be clearer as to what they do.
- Included some documentation in the source code to explain each setting.
版本注释: - Add default precision
- Improve comments
版本注释: Updated to Pine Script v4

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