SuperTREX strategy

This is the strategy of Super Trex that i put as open source before
i just add option for non security MTF and take profit steps as i shown before
for different coins or assets you need to set different parameters

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Mr. RafaelZioni I think this script is near perfection at least trading on EUR / USD. If followed precisely it can make a lot of money. Too bad for some false signal .... now I'm trying to figure out how to filter. Thanks so much for sharing
RafaelZioni LucaCredico
@LucaCredico, cool
awesome. You are always posting excellent scripts
Could you turn this into a study? It's a very nice strategy. But I can imagine a study would be very hard to do with keeping track of entries/exits
@nilux, my freind build me a bot that take out the strategy alers and also able to get the take profit alerts exactly as the strategy. Still working on some minor bugs.but as tou know one of the limitation of study in tv is the ability to make complex things that a strategy can do. So this bot solve this issue.i hope soon it will get out to public
Thanks ,what will be the best settings for intraday?
RafaelZioni nilanjan62
@nilanjan62, need to be found , just adjust the take profit for this issue
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yet another nice work from Rafael
RafaelZioni sharktrade
@sharktrade, thanks
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