Trade Manager (Open-Source & Non-Standalone Version)

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Happy Friday everyone

TGIF !!!!!! The weekend for me means no script publishing and enjoying the sun
As a weekday vampire, I'll go out and try to survive the sunlight or I'll prepare the indicators to share for next week. Not sure at this point....

This week, I shared a Trade Manager Trade-Manager-Open-Source-Version/ that you need to get connected to your indicator
Some traders asked if I could give away an alternative version meaning they'll have their own indicator separately and once they'll get their signal, they'll add the Trade Manager to manage their take profits and stop losses. (I'm working for Tradingview charity apparently ^^)
I liked the idea a lot !!! I like it even more that this idea came from followera that I don't even know

How does it work ?

Basically, chose any indicator you want. Once you get your signal/alert, get in the trade with your broker, and add the Trade Manager (Non-Standalone Version) (note the Non-Standalone Version) <=
This is realy important !!

So this was defintively the Trade Manager week... I feel I shared one alternative of that tool a day. (might get banned for copy/pasting myself too much)
Not sure of how I managed it anyway but now let's summarize what you have in your trading toolkit so far :
- Trade Manager to be used DIRECTLY with another indicator : Trade-Manager-Open-Source-Version/
- Trade Manager to be used INDIRECTLY with another indicator : the one I'm sharing right now
- Risk/Reward & PnL & Errors management tool : Risk-Reward-InfoPanel/

If you want to build your own signals in a few clicks only, feel free to share my Algorithm/Strategy builder Strategy-Builder-Crypto-Single-Trend-Plots/
I made it so that you guys can build you own custom signals and then why not, plugging them to the Trade Manager and to the Risk/Reward indicators..... That's now that you're supposed to connect the dots and realizing that all indicators shared this week are deeply linked and powerful when well used together :-)

Wishing y'all a great weekend and see you Monday, well rested and fresh for a new set of indicators


Feel free to hit the thumbs up as it shows me that I'm not doing this for nothing and will motivate to deliver more quality content in the future. (Meaning... a few likes only = no indicators = Dave enjoying the beach)

Two good news happened this week for me
1) I'm an offically approved PineEditor/LUA/MT4 approved mentor on codementor. You can request a coaching with me if you want and I'll teach you how to build kick-ass indicators and strategies
Jump on a 1 to 1 coaching with me
2) I'm a top author Pine script :)
版本注释: Few fixes
版本注释: Updated the take profit logic
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
Please, how can I plot a price label from a specific candle (in the version3) ? Similiar to the built in "Pivots HL" indicator but instead of Highs and Lows I would specified the candle I'd wanted to see the price. Thanks !
Daveatt jpbraga
@jpbraga, The answer differs if you use v3 or v4
In V4 you have the bar_index keyword referring to the current candle index.
So let's say, you have a condition and you want to display a label whenever there your condition is true
Then you can do
if condition
label.new(bar_index - barssince(condition), ....)

barssince(condition) will return the number of bars since condition is true. So doing current candle on the chart - barssince(condition) will give you the exact position where to display your label. That's pretty much it :)
Thank you for this helpful and amazing code! Keep it up! :)
Each of the recently released scripts is great, a really high level of traders. I want to sign up for study.
Daveatt AItraders
@AItraders, Thanks so much for this. It means a lot
Daveatt AItraders
@AItraders, hit me up if you need help or more info
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