[blackcat] L3 Tom Demark Magic-9 MACD Setup

Level: 3


Magic Nine Turns formerly known as Tom Demark Sequential ( TDS ) is a soft built-in technical indicator for many stocks software, but before using it, you must understand its market meaning and confirm whether it is suitable for your own trading style.


Besides Magic-9 and Magic-13 configurations. Tom Demark setup indicator is added because it enhances the traditional TD9 and TD13 which may ignore some entry points. Besides traditional 9 annd 13, red and green BS labels are provided as supplimentary entries.

Only numbers other than 9 and 13 use normal fonts, red represents low digits, and green represents high digits;
The numbers 9 and 13 are highlighted with red and green labels, red means low 9 low 13, green means high 9 high 13, note that these labels are all unconfirmed buy and sell signals;
Additional BS red/green labels are added to enahnce traditional TD9 /TD13
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