DashBoard Alt Season by Kzi

Here is a Dashboard to have an overview of the Alt Season oportunity.
Multiple time frame (Month / Week / Daily /4H)

How to use it?
You have 4 columns
TOTAL Crypto / Btc dominance / Btc Price / Alt ?

The alt? column is the resulte of the price and dominance of btc + 1 point with the total crypto

BTC Dominance UP ? Yes = Négatif for ALTS
/// Btc Price UP ?= > Yes = Positif for ALTS
NO = super négatif for ALTS
No = Positif for ALTS
/// Btc Price UP ?= > Yes = super Positif for ALTS
NO = Neutral
The total market just smooth the total.

If Alt columm is Green= It's OK
If Alt columm is orange = carrefull
If Alt Columm is red = leave the alt

You have to considered that you look on the time frame where you want to trade.
The overtime frame help to understand the bigger view.

Hop you like it and give comment to help the évolutions.

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