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Hello everyone

This is my bot for ----> BINANCE:ETHUSDTPERP

TP-1: 0.7%
TP-2: 1.9%

SL: 6.2%

the basic idea that guided me when building this bot on pare ethusdtperp was to provide as many certain moves as possible.
Writing a bot based on an etherum graph is difficult because etherum moves are much stronger and more unpredictable than bitcoin
however, etherum is a great pair that cannot go unnoticed.

based on the lowest optimization possible, the most important indicator in this case is the ara , which can perfectly capture the lack of bitcoin traffic based on the highest and lowest point
I used a simple rule that defines the way of opening a position by moving the "ARA" indicator

when the macaw is moving or up or down, it means that the price beats the highest / lowest points in the last time frame
then I used basic momentum indicators, such as: ADX , RSI , MACD , VOLUME
I also used an indicator "Ressistance and Support that determines breakthroughs of certain levels inside the movement

while keeping the flat
the bot uses scalps based on the RSI-VWAP indicator

When setting the values, I tried to optimize as gently as possible so as not to overdo the results

Enjoy ;)
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