Doji signals

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You can create an alert based on this signal :)
Works on standard and Heikin-ashi candles
You can also adjust the sensitivity (how big you want the body of the doji )
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//Doji signals :D

study(title = "Doji signals")

Precision = input(0.15, minval=0.0001, title="Doji's Max Body size")
barcolor(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * Precision ? yellow : na)

doji=(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * Precision ? 1:0)
plot (doji)

Hey, great work! But how about these 2:
severt severt
@severt, the 6th and 7th from the left.
I posted this while back, sadly i dont think its of any value since you cant create a consistent alert and the doji itself dose not represent the real price
Very nice. How do you create and alert?
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