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Smart Money Concepts
We are very pleased to be releasing our latest addition to the Soldi tools, called Smart Money Concepts. What this indicator was built to be is a guideline and tool to help a trader develop the mental mind state of a Smart Money Trader. Picking up on the digital footprints that they might have missed! This is our first iteration of this tool but we have so so much more coming to bring to this tool! So much that we might need to release 2 scripts to be able to efficiently fit it all in. As always Soldi/MMCFX always try to raise the bar on what is possible with PineScript and what advanced concepts we can bring to the retail market with ease, this project was insanely fun trying to get together and we spent a lot of months talking with and doing sessions with very well versed traders who only specialize and solely trade live with Smart Money/ICT Concepts. After many months of talking with and working with these traders we believe we have put together a very unique tool that any SMC trader would love to have in their tool belt.

What is Smart Money Concepts?
Smart Money Concepts ( SMC ) is the practice of trying to track the digital footprints left by Market Makers and large money traders like Institutional bodies and brokers. I believe this concept was originally developed by Inner Circle Trading (ICT), who has some great great content for free on YouTube. To my knowledge he was the father of the concepts being taken mainstream to retail individuals. Since then, there has been many other who have released content on these theories. For the sake of congruency we have only developed these tools based off the knowledge and practices taught by ICT.

What is Included within this tool?
What is currently Included with this tool are the following.

  • Market Structure - This includes Break of Structures (BOS) and Change of Characters (CHoCH), It was really important for us to define the different shifts that SMC traders track and follow so we built a unique customizable system that allows the traders to track these Market Structure shifts in real-time. Part of this module includes the option to plot the High/Low labels, by putting this settings on you will mark out the swing points as their respective Higher High(HH), High Low(HL), Lower Low(LL) and Lower High(LH). This feature is a great way to help familiarize yourself with spotting these instances, there is a slight lag due to the nature of the calculations for tracking the Swing Points. By default we track 4 left bars and 4 right bars, on the 5th bar if the swing point returns true you will see the label plot itself. If you have a higher bar count you will need to wait till x+1 to see the label be plotted. eg. 7 bar count on the left and right, you will need to wait till the 8th bar to see the label be plotted.
    By changing the bar counts you also change how the Market Structure module picks up the Market shifts (BOS/CHoCH)

    4 bar left, 4 bar right example:

    7 bar left, 7 bar right example:

  • Liquidity Sweep - This part of the Market Structure module is still being worked on and built out, this feature is meant to help a trader identify potential liquidity sweeps that have taken place past or present by switching the bar color to the user defined color (default yellow). There are many different types of liquidity sweeps that can take place and we are still working on the different profiles of these! More profiles will be added to the the updates in the future to help identify these potential trade areas

    Liquidity Sweep example:

  • Trend Bars - This part of the Market Structure module helps traders identify structure trends based on the breaks of existing structure. Again this will shift as you play with the bar count settings, low bar count will identify faster swing points and shifts where as higher bar counts will identify longer term structures. By having this setting on it will change the bar colors to Red( Bearish ) or Blue( Bullish ) by default, we recommend to change your candles border settings to make this more visible.

    7 bar left, 7 bar right. With High Low Labels and Trend Bars

  • Fair Value Gaps - This module will track the Fair Value Gaps and Imbalances that will take place in real-time. Once the final candle closes it will plot the FVG. Unlike other FVG indicators on TradingView we hold and store ALL the FVG's that take place, other indicators will only hold on to x amount of the FVG's and as new ones enter the list the old ones get bumped out. We didn't like this idea, so what we did was instead store all of the FVG's but create a threshold to where they would be plotted, eg. if you set the threshold to 4% it will only show you the FVG's within a 4% range from the current price. This way you still have access to all the data with out compromising but it helps you focus on the current data at hand.

    Fair Value Gap/Imbalance - 3% threshold example

    Fair Value Gap/Imbalance - 8% threshold example

  • Order Blocks - This was an especially interesting module to build, just like the FVG's we found that a lot if not all the authors on TradingView haven't actually been coming close to tracking and plotting true ICT style Order blocks. We set out to change that though, again through a unique approach we have built this Order Block indicator. To also comment on the other scripts out there that claim to track Order Blocks, not a SINGLE script mentions anything about Validated Order Blocks, which was especially important to all the SMC traders I have talked to and had help from building this indicator. Just like the FVG piece this also has a 'threshold' plot, but not only that it gives you the option to look at "No Validation" and "Validated" Order Blocks. With soon another style of Validation to choose from. If you choose the "Validated" option the script will actively seek Order Blocks that have a POI/liquidity sitting above it. I also want to make it clear that based on your bar count settings the order blocks will differ, as they are also based from structure breaks!

    Order Blocks with "No Validation" example

    Order Blocks with "Validation" example

  • Advanced Session Tracking - We always seek to out do what has been done and what we have already done, that being said we built our Advanced Session Tracking module to follow each user define Session's Open, High, Low, Close, Liquidity threshold and extend that into the next session. As per our last KillZone indicator we also included the Forward Plotting feature which will plot the defined sessions 24 hours in advance vs only showing you real time. Many if not all Session tracking tools on TradingView only show you real-time and in the past when the define sessions are but we find that to be a very silly practice because as SMC traders you know how important it is the relation between time and price. Instead of reacting to the sessions you and prepare for the sessions ahead of time anticipating when price might react to time.
    note: There is a small bug with tracking the crypto based sessions, this is working to be fixed for the next update, check the release notes to see when the fix occurs

    Session Background plots with forward plotting example

    Session Backgrounds with High/Lows and Liquidity range example

What is to come with the updates?
We are always looking to improve anything, even if it is just a fraction better. That is why we are continuing to work with our SMC traders to refine the concepts, profiles, coding as well as the logic behind the calculations.

Here is a list of what we are planning and working on to be released in the updates to come!

  • Intra-Day Profiling - Each day has a profile, what we want to achieve is to track and predict these profiles
  • Liquidity Scanner - There are different types of liquidity that form and we want to be able to find and track these
  • Smart Trend Alerts - We want to combine quant methods into SMC to provide high probability trade ideas
  • User Suggestions - We are always open to work with the community to bring features they want

If it's not Soldi, it isn't money
版本注释: We addressed the "max_bars_back" issue, that is now resolved.

We also added External Market Structure, now you will be able to plot up to 3 higher timeframes market structure directly to your chart.
版本注释: Uncoupled the Market Structure and Labels as per community request

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