GainzyPoo 45m Intraday LRAIC Indicator

Intraday indicator based off a simple moving average/momentum indicator, works best on lower time frames such as 45m. Last version got reported by some LARP. Backtesting works very well as Long Only script.
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could u make this into a strategy? please
julianmukaj infamouscrypto
@infamouscrypto, Will do next release
Can you explain a bit how to use it properly? should we wait until the next candle after a signal appears? I have seen sometimes a signal appears during a candle and it suddenly dissappears and then appears again if the price reaches certain level... if we follow a signal as soon as it appears it could be a wrong call
@leomaru79, On candle close it will be confirmed trend has changed. So yes on next candle from the signal.
Anybody want another Intraday Momentum 'algo' ?
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bauko julianmukaj
@julianmukaj, sure
AdiMugri julianmukaj
mtom347 julianmukaj
@julianmukaj, Yes! Thanks for this :)
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