Hello All,

This the script for Moving Average Convergence Divergence – MACD of Thomas Aspray, and called as MACD-AS and you may get earlier signals than MACD .

As MACD and MACD-AS are trend following indicators, they do not function well in sideway markets.

An example how it gets earlier signals than MACD

Good luck!
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First time to seeing this leading MACD indicator; appreciated your posting bro =D
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Well done
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LoneSome sir, you are just awesome sir, one more great indicator from you dedication to trading community
Great Job Sir
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Nice! Thank You
I'm removing the typical MACD from my indicators and adding this instead. Thank you! :)
Thanks for this script. Is there no need for signal line in Macd-AS?
tebrik ederim, etkili bir çalışma
Great !
Hello Sir - could you please help put some description /comments on how to use this MACD-AS tool? As it doesnt have a support line similar to MACD - atleast i am confused when to take Long or Short?
As this indictor doesnt have signal - could you please help mention some notes when can we decide on Buy or Sell signals please

Thanks again and All the Best

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