Heikin Ashi Strategy - Simplified

This is 2 studies/strategies in one and you can choose which one you want to use. The first is a simple heikin ashi pattern based study/strategy the other is a supertrend entry/exit study/strategy. The instructions on how to enable/disable study and strategy mode are in the script.
版本注释: Updated the stop price in strategy mode to the trend of the supertrend line. This increased the profitable trades from ~54% to ~67%. This also increased the profit factor to over 4 with a profit of over 18% with a max drawdown of 0.67% using the default settings. Please share your results if you get it better.
版本注释: Updated the script so that donchain channels can be turned off. Also added code to detect when a trend was turning, this improved the profitability to around 80%.
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