BTC FS Diff / Percentage (XBTH20)

Shows price difference by a percentage of future (BITMEX:XBTH20) and spot index (BITMEX:XTB) .
版本注释: "BITMEX:XBTM20" is closed, so we should change it to "BITMEX:XBTH20".Luckily we will still have the M20 data.
版本注释: "BITMEX:XBTM20" is closed, so we should change it to "BITMEX:XBTH20".
版本注释: It shows price differences between future and spot, and convergences or divergences of them.
You can simply config it for different future symbol and spot symbol, or different periods of fast and slow lanes to study more proper signal of your trading.
版本注释: Change default future to BITMEX:XBTU20
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Alert: as XBTH20 is about to close, the FSDP sign is less effective. DO NOT use it as a sign to LONG. it may hurt yourself.
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