[SM] Bitcoin cycles bull market

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An indicator to determine the seasonality / cyclicality of bitcoin for long trades.

- For traders: Identification of zones with lower risk of entering long positions
- For swing traders and investors: customizable calendar of entries into long position

Indicator structure
1. Vertical zones (green and red) of time ranges. Only for historical bars. The range width is adjustable in the indicator settings.
2. Table (in the form of a calendar) for determining the time of entering a trade in the future. The table is not editable. It displays the result of the configured zones on the historical bars.

General settings
- choose the color of the Tradingview theme (light or dark)

Table settings
- Turn table display on / off
- Set the number of months to be displayed in the table

Settings of vertical zones (green and red)
Each cycle (1 month summer, 1 month autumn, ...) has four dates
- start date of the green zone (day and month)
- date of the end of the green zone
- start date of the red zone
- date of the end of the red zone
Accelerating the work of the indicator

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