Historical Volatility Strategy Backtest

Strategy buy when HVol above BuyBand and close position when HVol below CloseBand.
Markets oscillate from periods of low volatility to high volatility
and back. The author`s research indicates that after periods of
extremely low volatility , volatility tends to increase and price
may move sharply. This increase in volatility tends to correlate
with the beginning of short- to intermediate-term moves in price.
They have found that we can identify which markets are about to make
such a move by measuring the historical volatility and the application
of pattern recognition.
The indicator is calculating as the standard deviation of day-to-day
logarithmic closing price changes expressed as an annualized percentage.

Please, use it only for learning or paper trading. Do not for real trading.
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Im looking for bitcoin volatility on the bitcoin chart, also need for other cryptos, how can this be done?
impressive stuff as always!!!
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