((Bearish)) Candle Above EMAS

Good Morning from the UK.

Todays script is a simple vieweing of when candles close above a certain moving average - when the market is bearish conditions - candle which close above the moving average can be viewed as a bearish signal along with confluences such as price action. This script is best on the Daily and we can expect big price moves away from this area.

The below example, we have a bearish set up with a break of trendline and then a break of a base which would 1) strong area as price is unlikely to go past this area which would make this a supply zone.

This was then followed by the signal of the candle closing above the 100ema and the 50ema.

The script is likened to my one of my previous scripts which portrays the bullish ema candle closes.

I will be making a price action publish soon if that is of interest to the public.


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