CBG MultiAverages Colors

The latest version of my multiple moving averages. Now includes up to 14 moving averge lines plus a separate slow and fast moving average that can be assigned a different MA type.

In the screen shot is the fast/slow set to Hull with 15/50 periods. It is overlaid on top of my Key Numbers indicator.

7 moving averages in 1 indicator, including the Hull Moving Average .

Volume Weighted
Linear Regression

Lots of other features like background shading and paint bar colors.

版本注释: Made improvements to the MultiAverages Colors indicator.

1. Bars and background are now painted based on the count of the number of Moving Averages going in a single direction. If the number of lines is greater than the Threshold amount, they will be full on green. Below that amount, red.

If the count is count is between 0 and the threshold, they will be mid green and mid red.

2. Added a toggle switch on the main parameters page to turn the fast/slow Moving Averages on and off.

3. Also added a toggle switch on the main parameters page to turn the slow and fast crossovers on and off.

4. Changed the default main Moving Average type to weighted.

5. Refactored and optimized some code.
版本注释: Added new methods for paining candles and backgrounds.
版本注释: Fixed screen shot
版本注释: Updates:
I've changed the default MAs to count from 3. This works great, especially with Renko bars.
I've added a new strategy based on the 13 / 14 MAs
Also converted to v4
I've removed all custom multi time frame code as that's now handled by default


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