RSI Strategy Review, "Buy and Sell" Alerts

10 min Chart

版本注释: Review alerts
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I want to make a Strategy Around this , could you help?
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guikroth djseddy333
@djseddy333, HI, i did some few changes with alerts.

This strategy is just a review to a Study mode. You can search the same one in tradidng view for strategy version.
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Hi Buddy , You there?
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Hi sorry i'm new so how do i actually use this script?
Hi, is a very interesting indicator, I have some repaints en 30 min period, any ideas to fix it?, Thanks!
When does this exactly print the signal? Is it going back?
guikroth djseddy333
@djseddy333, Hi man, sorry about late. Is possible that repainting a little bit. Try the new 3 strategies. Are better than that and not repaint.
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dane4 guikroth
@guikroth, What does the new 3 strategies mean?
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