Liquidity map

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Locate institutional daily, weekly, and monthly liquidity intervention zones in an innovative format that allows you to fractalize the degree of trend reversal opportunity across multiple lengths!
Far from the traditional formats to tell you "where's the high/low", we display with this map the grab levels relating to the amplitudes of the measured period.

You can check "show old levels" to backtest these potential fractal reversal areas.
Use the levels that interest you according to your working UT (scalping, intraweek, swing, etc.), or take all the elements into consideration for your trading management :

Confluence the information to optimize your entry and shelter your stop loss under strong levels rejections !

Default parameters are: display high/low weekly & monthly, display liquidities levels in daily.
版本注释: setting a display bug when previous levels was the same (D,W,M)
版本注释: fix color bug.
Default color of second box set to 99 ( from 85)
版本注释: Update to V1.2
- Monday's liquidity added with his own overextension levels / Now levels can be hide when mitigated

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