Papercuts Super Trend MTF v02

All my scripts are part of a suite called Papercuts.

This one uses one current timeframe supertrend and adds Four Automatic Higher Timeframe Supertrends based on those same parameters to help you determine larger trends while only needing a single chart. This works quite well on 5 and 15 minute charts and will look up in time. Confident trends can be identified by having two or more lines in the same direction.
When unified, the intensity of the glow should increase a trends confidence. Unify collapses the 3 highest timeframe supertrends into the first higher timeframe supertrend. Without Unify on, the overall trends are usually easier to see at just a glance. Higher timeframe supertrends can show support or resistance and act as stop loss limit ranges if you choose. Unify keeps things a bit cleaner and more compact.

V02 updated to fsecurity for no repainting and added a 3MA trend option as well.

Thanks to @Pinecoders for helping me better understand the security function!

Here is a view with Unify on....

Here is a view with Unify off...

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