ATR Channels

An Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) with three sets of channel lines each one Average True Range (ATR) apart, above and below the EMA . Fully customizable, you can toggle the EMA and ATR set visibility, line colors, etc.

Inspired by Elder's 'The New Trading For a Living', page 93: "Kerry Lovvorn likes to plot 3 sets of lines around a moving average: at one, two, and three ATRs above and below an EMA . These can be used for setting up entry points and stops, as well as profit targets."

  • Added optional 2nd EMA
    Fixed hide/show lines bug when custom transparency was set in style settings
    Updated to Pine Script 4
版本注释: Added optional 50 period EMA.
版本注释: Added optional 50 EMA, updated default colors & styles.
版本注释: Added optional 200 EMA. Changed style of 50 EMA.

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