BCH Precognition - Mtrl_Scientist (study version)

Hey everyone!

As requested, this is the study version of the improved 'BCH- Precognition' algorithm, meaning you'll only see the indicator and not have 'longs/shorts' painted on your chart.

- Works better with normal candles now, as internal calculations are forced to be done on Heikin Ashi, regardless of chosen candle format
- Turned into a study, rather than strategy, as not to interfere with strategies that are already in place
- Added Overbought/Oversold conditions (orange) with adjustable threshold, based on normalized price action helper indicator

Green means buy condition is valid, red mean short condition is valid, and orange means overbought/oversold (adjustable in settings).

Reminder: Only for use with BCHUSD , as it draws data for that coin from specific exchanges!

These changes were also added to the strategy version.

Please let me know what you would like to see improved!
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@cj493529074, Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! :)
Things are really hectic these days, just give me some time.
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