Moving Average profit targets with var size

Profit target:
Profit targets are those scenarios where the system expects to be greater than the actual return at the end of the transaction: they may be short-term benefits, such as a favorable price shock model.
In short-term transactions, profit objectives are essential. Price fluctuations make any favorable event likely to turn around in an instant. Moreover, profit objectives are more difficult to integrate into the longer-term trading system, because they are afraid of losing larger profits at risk, so they will replace them with smaller but more frequent gains. As a follower of the trend, once you make a profit and stop earning, but the trend direction is still intact, you need to find a way to re-enter the transaction to avoid losing the rare but very large market situation.

Profit target is best calculated based on price volatility (V), and the most commonly used method:
For Long, the system buy point (E), needs to be multiplied by the average true volatility or annualized volatility :E+f×V.
The net value multiplier f used to calculate the profit level is usually obtained through data mining.

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