Indicator Panel

Hello All,

This script shows Indicator panel in a Table. Table.new() is a new feature and released today! Thanks a lot to Pine Team to add this new great feature! This new feature is a game changer!

The script shows indicator values for each symbol and changes background color of each cell by using current and last values of the indicators for each symbol. if current value is greater than last value then backgroung color is green, if lower than last value then red, if they are equals then gray.

You can choose the indicators to display. Number of columns in the table is dynamic and is changed by number of the indicators.

You can choose 5 different Symbols, 6 Indicators and 2 Simple or Exponential Moving averages, you can set type of moving averages and the lengths. You can also set the lengths for each Indicators.

- MACD (MACD and Signal and Histogram)
- DMI (+DI and -DI + and ADX)
- Momentum
- MA with Length 50 (length can be set)
- MA with Length 200 (length can be set)

In this example RSI , MACD and MA 200 were chosen, you can see how table size changes dynamically:

版本注释: precision fixed for the moving averages
版本注释: fixed
版本注释: Panel Size and Panel position options added. (Users request)


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