Grid Bot Simulator. Based on RSI levels.

How it works:
Prices are divided into grids, or trade zones, that are based on RSI levels. Buys will trigger when the RSI crosses into a higher zone, after descending. Sells will trigger when the RSI crosses into a lower zone, after ascending. After triggering, a new signal will not be produced until the RSI progresses into better zone.

Standard Settings:
  • RSI Length
  • Number of Grids
  • RSI Type: Standard RSI or Jurik RSX (based on Everget’s formula)
  • Show All Grids

Experimental Features (Adjust in settings menu):

No Trade Zone: RSI Levels where no trades will be signaled. Adjust to prevent over-buying/selling in narrow markets. Default: 35-65:
No Trade Zone (40-60)

Aggression Level: Increase aggressiveness to stack buys/sells at extreme RSI levels:
Aggression = high

Aggression = low

Market Direction: If market is trending up, the bot will skip every other sell ( = more buys than sells). If down, will skip every other buy (more sells than buys). Default: neutral.
Market Direction: down

Market Direction: neutral
  • Removed offsets for plots
  • Added buy and bell signals at upper and lower limits

ETH(ERC20): 0xe5f4aab4dd0f297843146d51605010bf2c2

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