The Perfect Strategy M3_BTC_2.1_5min (Bitcoin)

Our team has just completed the M3 2.1 for BTCUSD ( Bitcoin ) trading system with some great profits. The highlight of our signals is Win QUICK TRADES.
This system is the Real Life Cheat Code, you can check it yourself.

This Indicator works on the 5 min Chart. Because each coin behave differently, we have specific M3 settings for each one. The setting provided works ONLY with XBTUSD ( Bitcoin ).
It manages 75% to 95 % winning trades with high profits.

Alerts are available for notifications and automated trading, just connect your API to it,let it do the work for you and enjoy the profits.
Alerts are available on Telegram public channel as well for XBT and ETH:

from 08/28/2019 till 10/04/2019
32 trades
winning percentage for this period is 93.75%
With only $1000 on 10x.
The Net profit for this period is $3823.08 and max drawdown of only: $94.82

Contact us for access for XBT ( Bitcoin ) or ETH indicators
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How do I access?
Thanks, Wes
Hi, I would like to have access to your script? Can you grant me that? Thanks, Cheers, Teddy
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