TTI-RSI short alarm 1.8

This is how our team implements this strategy by combining multiple metrics and using long-term debugging. Designed for short-term trading on the BITMEX futures platform, it responds sensitively and quickly. It can alert when a short-term trend begins to change

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The recommended chart level is 30m/15m/5m, so you can get trading signals faster.

2, the response of this indicator is fast and flexible, so there may be some weak signals. However, when the chart time level is small, the trading signal appears faster, but there are also some less deterministic signals.


1. In the indicator, there is an orange signal that fluctuates linearly. It is a buy signal when it goes from bottom to top. When the signal line remains in the upper position, it indicates a multi-party trend. When it goes from top to bottom, it indicates a sell signal. When the signal line remains below, it indicates a sales trend.

2. In the indicator, the purple signal indicates that the price may fall, and the green signal indicates that the price may rise.

3. Depending on the time level, when the position of the signal line changes, the current candle is determined based on the time level of the chart you selected to determine the signal. For example, if you choose a chart level of 15m, it will send a sell signal from top to bottom when the signal line changes. At this time, please do not rush to sell. You should wait for this 5m long candlestick to complete. When the candle is over and the next candle starts, if the signal line remains in the top-down form, the sell signal is normal and you can sell it.

Because the location of the signal appears, it is the location of the sale. During the completion of the candlestick , the signal may disappear after disappearing. We only have to wait for a while to get a more stable deal.

Note: The trend of the signal line is calculated based on the current price data. It is a reflection of the contrast between the powers of both sides. When one party's power overwhelm the other party in a short period of time, a long and short signal will appear. When the chart is refreshed, the price data will be re-stated. The price fluctuation caused by the confrontation between the long and short sides will change from the original undetermined to the certainty, and the fierce fluctuation will become a gentle and significant contrast, thus leading to the chart. The original position of the long and short signal moves.

4. The alarm setting is very simple. There are two lines in the indicator that sit on the alarm. One is the orange signal line that fluctuates up and down, and the other is the fixed zero line of “zero”.

We set it in the alert. When the signal line passes "zero" from the top, a short signal is sent only when the candlestick is complete. When the signal line passes "zero" from the "up" below, the signal is sent for a long time when the candlestick is completed.

One trick, the appearance of the signal, is that the price runs in one direction for a while, so it appears at or near the bottom. Because, when we have already made a profit in the transaction, we can make a profit in advance, and we do not need to wait for the opposite signal to stop the profit and reduce the risk of profit retracement.

Because in this market, the fluctuations are very large, and the people who compete are also very fierce. What we need to do is to make every transaction as possible, and we are all profitable. If we sell and find that the price is still rising, please don't feel sorry, don't consider eating all the profits.

6. When the signal appears, in most cases, even in the impact trend, it will run a distance in the direction of the signal, that is, you will profit, so please close the position and make a profit in time. Otherwise, when the price fluctuates too little, you miss the profit point and the price starts to run in reverse, you may change from profit to loss.

BITMEX's trailing stop loss is a great feature, please use it flexibly.

7, if it is a shock trend, please try not to trade.

8. Remember, I hope this indicator will be your powerful assistant, but please don't rely on it. Learning more trading knowledge and skills is even more important. Therefore, when we consider profitable positions, you can use your trading skills, MACD , KDJ, etc. to assist and obtain a more suitable position.
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