Earnings Yield Spread

The Earnings Yield Spread might offer an investor some insight into areas of value.

Earnings yield is the ratio of Diluted earnings per share over the trailing twelve months (TTM) to the company’s share price. Earnings yield shows how much the company has earned per share as a percentage of its share price. It shows investors how much yield they are getting in earnings in return for owning the stock at its current share price. (Thank you, TradingView)

One might wonder how the earnings yield on their investment compares to the yield on a US 10 year treasury bond. The Earnings Yield Spread indicator will read above zero if the stock in question earnings yield is higher than US10Y and will read below zero if the stock in question earnings yield is lower than the US10Y.

Earnings yield is relative to the stock in question, so comparisons should be drawn to its own historical reading and not to other symbols.


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