◊ Introduction
This script makes use of a sliding matrix, to search the highest/lowest point in the slider, it then counts the amount of times it was high/low, giving the distance from a previous high/low.
Every High/low are granted values, being a lower value for shorted periods, and a larger value for Longer periods.
This reveals the different period lengths of active frequencies.

Doing this with different slider lenghts would result in measuring with different mean period lenghts.

◊ Origin
From my dream last night.

This is a part of Project XIAM.
◊ Theoretical Approach
Philosophy β :: Rythmic
Searching for the period lenght of several frequencys at once.

◊ Usage
This is an alalythical tool, to be used for Automatically adjusting settings on Indicators that presume a period length for calculation.
Calculations are based on Past values, and no reversal measures or fail-safes are applied, so it will only be useful during a continuation of trend.

◊ Features
Matrix Calculation of Lowest/Highest points in a sliding series with Steady Length.
In the future Several slider lenghts will be applied to search for Frequencies of different magnitudes.

Lenght between TOPS, DIPS , and an SMA that smoothens this.
BIAS Is TOP to DIP Minus DIP to TOP, to uncover Bullish / Bearish index of market movements.

◊ Community



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