Ehlers Super Smoother Filter

Ehlers Super Smoother Filter script.

This indicator was originally developed by John F. Ehlers (see his book `Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures`, Chapter 13: `Super Smoothers`).
版本注释: Added missed price source shorthands
版本注释: Refactored
  • Added more price sources
  • Refactored
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Get my improved super smoother off the forum yet? https://getsatisfaction.com/tradingview/topics/pine-script-modules-system-proposal-import-one-script-from-another It accounts for denominator==0.0 issue, solving divide by 0 error. I figured you should have that here too. I'm surprised Ehlers overlooked that in all his publications
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everget midtownsk8rguy
@midtownsk8rguy, Hi, I forgot about getsatisfaction. Maybe Ehlers thought that nobody with sane mind will put 0 as an argument) Okay, thank you!
I did this about a month ago, using just close and ss(close,ssp) with an ssp=input(.001). Dropped it down to zero and then... error. I frequently test algorithm limits for the input() max and min. Then I noticed the divide by zero paradox, which will stop any computer's heart beat. I arrived at the perplexing thought, Ehlers could have accounted for zero, but had not oddly. Then I thought I was hallucinating actually, it can't be, I can't be the only person the planet who has noticed this. I have seen ss variants a 1000 times to no avail. Anyways, long story short, I saw your comment in the forum the other day to this link, saw the 3rd pole ss, which is the first I have seen that in existence, super awesome, and thought you of all people would be interested, and confirm my discovery. Hey, if you have any critical thoughts about Pine Script v4.0, be sure to privately contact vitvlkv or admin sooner than later. I'm really wanting rgbt() so I can build multi-indicators like my member icon you see above and this link: https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/3d-candle/, but dynamically manipulating color AND trans too in 1.67 billion possible colors, not like this hard code dilemma: . Think it over and if you think its time to include rgbt() BEFORE the 4K monitor revolution is in full swing, let them know your opinion. 8K and 16K screens already exists at a huge price already, but soon to be living standard by 2025ish I suspect. That's all for now, you're certainly welcome and good day!
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midtownsk8rguy midtownsk8rguy
@midtownsk8rguy, I see this: https://www.teraplot.com/images/3d-series-plot-large.png but actually more closer to this image: https://python-graph-gallery.com/wp-content/uploads/371_3D_Surface_plot_volcano_1.png as the future of indicators and TV. Without rgbt(), I'm not sure where TV stands in the future of mega-HD monitors still plotting with crayon and finger painting. I will be releasing a NEW candle soon, and it's not a candle actually, you'll be the first to visually see it in PSv3.0, 4K has rendered 1 pixel candle wicks almost invisible, even on a 42 inch and 65 inch monitor I have had for a year now. Vitaly respects your opinion most highly, we need to find more like you and I for collaborative efforts. I hope this stimulates novel thought and you consider these concepts as VITAL(y) to the profitable future of ALL investing. Until next time, have a VERY profitable future!
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everget midtownsk8rguy
@midtownsk8rguy, thank you!
Wow this one is quite smooth. Nice job!

Any chance you could code up John Ehlers MESA Adaptive Moving Averages? Since youre on the all the good Ehler scripts.
everget Neverstorm
@Neverstorm, MAMA & FAMA have implemented already. I test them.
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