EMAcrossover_RSI Buy/sell signal-TRXBTC_15min by rajista

EMAcrossover_RSI Buy/sell signal Strategy

To be used in combination with Alerts script, both can be added to your tradingview charts (Chart time-frame should be set to 15min) like you add any other simple indicator.

Add this script to your favorites and once you have been granted access, you will be notified in your Tradingview notifications section, then you can go ahead and add these two scripts into your charts from your favorite section of Indicator menu in Tradingview.

Benefits of this strategy:
1> Fully automated buy/sell signals 24x7
2>Your trades will always be based on a certain entry and exit plan.
3>No emotions involved with these trading calls, so no chance of FOMO buying/Panic Sell
4>You can fully customize the settings with a simple click(customization details given below)
5>Its completely free of cost!!!

There are two parts of this automated trading call system:
1>Strategy script- Gives the buy/sell signals based on the settings provided.
2>Alert script- Gives Alert notifications in tradingview when a buy/sell call is made.

Principle of working is very simple to understand:

Stragey script makes:

Buy call- When the 9EMA crosses above the 21EMA or RSI level-20 is reached in 15min-Chart.
Sell call-When 9EMA crosses below the 21EMA or RSI level-70 is reached in 15min-Chart.
Above values of EMA's and RSI are default values, which can be changed easily in settings panel of Strategy script.

Alert Script allows you to add Alerts when these buy/sell calls are made.

To create a Buy call alert:
1> Click on the create alert icon in your chart (top-centre)
2>Click on Condition -drop down button and select EMAcross_rsi_Alerts
3>Below that bar you will see another bar titled "Buy"-click on its drop down menu and select "Crossing Down"
4>Below that bar right next to Value change 0 to 0.9.
5>Set expiration date for your alerts as per your wish
6>Ensure "Show Popup" and "Play sound" is checked
7>You can check option of sending the alert to your email also.
Finally click on create.

To create Sell Alert:
Repeat same process, except that, after step 2- Do this- change the "long" option to "short" by clicking on the drop down menu right next to the first bar.
Click on create, Finally both of your automated buy/sell call alerts will be configured.

I know its been 2-3 days since i tweeted about this strategy and now i am making it available, you can understand i had to put in a lot of working hours, towards creating the source code for the strategy script and then for alerts script and even more so towards finding the perfect default settings which can be used straight away by anyone, even if you are new in crypto trading, apart from the time which i dedicate to analyse charts and pass on the knowledge/info to you all.

My next post will be even more helpful to you people as i am currently testing "fully automated trading" yea you heard that right!! - This system will trade 24x7 for you guys/girls no matter wherever you are either you are sleeping or watching a movie, your trades would still be getting executed with a proper entery-exit plan on a crypto exchange.

版本注释: Multi time frame strategy with backtest period

New additions:

Highs and lows of previous Higher time frame period plotted on chart

Higher time-frame EMA

When Close is below the Higher time frame EMA then:

Buy condition : EMA1 crosses EMA 2
Sell condition : EMA1 crosses EMA3 or when close is below EMA1 while RSI being Overbought

When Close is above the Higher time frame EMA then:

Buy condition : Buy at closing
Sell condition : when close is below the higher time-frame EMA

Option of Using TEMA1 and TEMA2 instead of EMA1 & EMA2 added

Stop loss, Take profit and Trailing Stop loss values can be entered from settings.
版本注释: update


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