Mathematical Derivatives of Price

This indicator is meant to show the Velocity (1st order derivative), Acceleration (2nd order derivative), Jerk (3rd order derivative), Snap (4th order derivative), Crackle (5th order derivative), & Pop ( 6th order derivative) of price. The values at the top of the indicator window are in this order from left to right. I don't particularly know how this would be used in a trading strategy, but if you're ever curious about how quickly price is moving and how much it is accelerating, then you could use this tool.

*If you only care about velocity and acceleration, and don't like how squished the window is because of the long decimal numbers then edit the "precision" value in the first line of the script to a smaller number of your choosing.*
版本注释: New Version fixes the Time variable.
版本注释: Updated script notes.

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Great work. I'd love to see more things like this, where you realise concepts from other disciplines in technical analysis. Could you conceptualize a script for inertia, for example?

Either way, well done
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Excellent work. Are you going to expand on derivatives? Было бы хорошо)